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I am going to rank these post’s in order and give a brief explanation why.

You can read more about why I featured them in the post if you would like the full explanation.

  1. Workboard

    This may be my favorite company I have featured on Rocketship Jobs because:

    1. I love the CEO, she seems like a true killer. In her last company she was a turnaround CEO through two recessions and had a successful exit to IBM.

    2. This company is perfect for the work from home renaissance we are about to live through.

    3. It’s still small enough to get some true value out of it.

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  2. Gorgias

    I love this company because

    1. It’s in a great niche

    2. Has great investors

    3. Seem to manage their cash well!

    It’s going to be VERY successful!

  3. Webflow

    My website Rocketshipjobs.com uses Webflow.

    It’s going to change the way websites are built as a whole. It could be huge!

    It’s already a decent sized company so that took away from it for me a little. I like companies before they’re too big.

    I also like the fact that their leadership believes in diversity. I am a big proponent of that and think it can be a competitive advantage for companies!

Ok, that’s all I will say for now.

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