PRO TIP: Email the CEO!!!

thats how you get the job.

In every email I send I try to give the contact information of the hiring manager. I do this because I think it is a better way to get a job than applying online.

Often times the hiring manager for these small companies is the CEO.

I understand emailing a CEO of a company can feel a little nerve recking but I promise you, it is worth it!

Check out this email this guy Nir used to get an internship with Snapchat.

Talking to a recruiter after they received an email from their CEO is a lot better than the other way around.

For reference, in 2014 Snapchat had already raised over $600 million. Also, Mark Zuckerberg had already offered to buy them for $3 billion.

Yes, that is billion with a b.

I say that to say don’t be afraid, be like Nir.

In terms of how to write a good cold email there are a lot of great resources out there.

I would start with this page, click the links and go down the rabbit hole.

This is the answer to how to start emailing companies and getting the job offers you want!

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In other news the podcast is getting started.

It is launching on May 4th with Dave Gerhardt from Drift as the first guest.

I have a few more episodes in the hopper but I could use your help.

The idea is to have people on who were the early employees at some of the most successful startups in the world.

Think Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc.

I want to tell the stories of the people often overlooked but also have a huge part in the amazing products we use everyday.

Do you know anyone else who would fit into this podcast?

I'm finding its not nearly as easy to find early employees as it is to find current employees or founder (obviously).

Oh yea, and subscribe if this sounds interesting to you 😁. Link below

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